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List of things you will need to apply themes and some of the tweaks I use.
WinterBoard: This allows you to apply your themes.
Anemone: This is a second option to apply themes and is what I use.
ClassicBadges: This allows you to apply a themed badge.
ClassicFolders: This allows you to have themed folders like older iOS's.
ColorBar & xstatuscolor: This makes your signals colored.
EKG+ Signals: This allows you to have themed signals and have them colored.
BytaFont2 & BytaFont3: This allows you to change your system font.
ColorfulKBPro: This allows you to theme your keyboard.
GoKeyboard from the App Store: Alternative tweak that allows you to theme your keyboard on iOS 8 and you do not have to be jailbroken to use this.
Springtomize 3: This allows you to hide labels, change carrier name, change slider text, hide page dots, etc.
Zeppelin: This allows you to put an image in your status bar in place of the carrier.
iWidgets: This allows you to apply widgets anywhere on your home screen. There are lots of widgets in Cydia such as calendars, clocks, and weather. You will need this to use any of my weather sets.
InfoStats: If you are on iOS 9 and above, you will need this in order to use weather widgets. Not all widgets are compatible now, however.
LockHtml4: This allows you to apply widgets to your lock screen.
Boxy & Anchor: This allows you to position your icons anywhere you want on your screen.
iCleaner Pro: This cleans up un-needed system files and clears up space.
iFile: This is what you need to move your themes/fonts/widgets/zeppelins to the correct directories.
MessagesCustomizer: This allows you to apply a background to your messages and change the bubble colors.
OpenNotifier: This displays themed notifications in your status bar.
IconBundles: This is what you need installed in order to use my themes.
All of these tweaks are found in Cydia.